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Car Magnets

Transform your vehicle into a moving billboard with our Car Magnets from SameDayRiverside, where practicality meets personal expression. Each magnet serves as a canvas for your imagination, perfect for creating standout promotional material or making bold personal statements. Crafted to showcase your unique style and creativity, these magnets are designed to impress.

Our Car Magnets are not just advertising tools; they’re mobile art. Whether it’s a vivid design or a personalized message, each magnet is an expression of individuality. We ensure that every car magnet reflects your personality and taste.

Choose SameDayRiverside for Car Magnets that are as unique as you. Our designs are perfect for those who want to make a statement and stand out on the road.

Premium Vinyl Banners

Crafted from premium-grade vinyl material, these banners are known for their durability and resistance to wear and tear.

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Blackout Vinyl Single-Sided

Designed to block light and prevent visibility from the reverse side. It is often composed of multiple layers, including a light-blocking layer, to ensure complete opacity.


Mesh Banners

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Pole Flags

These flags are designed to be mounted on poles or flagpoles and are characterized by their distinctive shape, which resembles a feather or blade.


Installing premium car magnets is a breeze. Simply place them on the metallic surface of your vehicle, and they adhere securely without causing any damage to the paint


These are designed to be easily removable and reusable you can switch them between vehicles or remove them when not needed without living any residue


These magnets feature vibrant, high-resolution printing that makes your message, logo, or graphics stand out and capture attention effectively.


Compared to permanent vehicle wraps or paint, premium car magnets offer a cost-effective advertising solution with a lower upfront investment.